Guide to Understanding Intrinsic Motivation

Motivation is the thing that drives us into action. We all want to feel motivated, and to increase and sustain that motivation to see us through our daily lives and challenges. In this guide, we take a deeper look at intrinsic motivation. Specifically, what is intrinsic motivation, is it preferable to extrinsic motivation, and what can we do to increase it? 

How to Stay Motivated: Practical Tips & Resources

Getting Motivated to Begin With Sometimes, getting the drive to become motivated is easier said than done. For this reason, it helps when we understand that motivation can be intrinsic (driven by an internal drive) or extrinsic (driven by external forces). Knowing the type of motivation you need is the first step to becoming motivated. […]

How to Get Motivated

How do you get motivated to tackle new challenges, see something through, or pick yourself up from a state of demotivation?

You’re already on your way because you had the motivation to read this article. That’s the first step – realizing that you need to work on amping up your motivation.

So let’s look at the importance of motivation and what we can do to find it. Our guide below is filled with tips on how to get motivated again.

Motivation – Understanding What It Is & How to Harness It

Motivation is the name given to the driving force behind our actions. The reason why we initiate, sustain or cease any particular activity or behavior can be explained by motivation. Understanding what it is and how to harness it can be of great value. So let’s examine the basis of motivation and what we can […]