How To Increase Motivation

Most people have experienced a high sense of motivation at one point in their lives.

But, when we start to feel demotivated, it can be difficult to understand how to increase motivation.

The good news is that it is entirely possible to increase motivation and remain on track.

In fact, there are a few very simple tips and tricks that can take your motivation levels from zero to hero.

And, as an added bonus, they are all quite easy to do.

A Detailed Overview of Motivation

We regard motivation as the reason for doing something. It is the force that drives or compels you to action. Unfortunately, it does not always come easy.

When we attempt to take action, we may quickly become overwhelmed and depleted and it can be difficult to maintain that driving force.

But what drives us to act? Motivation is often the result of an internal compulsion to act (intrinsic motivation) or external factors (extrinsic motivation).

Both types of motivation can be powerful determiners of our capacity to take action but some people suggest that intrinsic motivation is what keeps us motivated over a longer period of time.

This is because the effects of external driving factors, such as money or fame, are often more short-lived.

Intrinsic motivation keeps us motivated and rewards us with improved self-worth.

It can be difficult to remain motivated to achieve a goal. But, one of the most important factors is knowing your “why”.

Our understanding of the bigger picture can keep us motivated over the long run. It is also important to have a realistic goal in mind.

If the goal is too big, it can be far too easy to fall off the wagon and feel the fear of failure robbing us of remaining motivated.

In addition, many people have found it helpful to visualize their success.

Visualization can be a powerful tool for ensuring that motivation persists over the long run.

But sometimes, staying motivated is much harder than anticipated. In these cases, it is important to find conscious ways of increasing motivation to get back that fighting spirit.

Different Ways to Increase Motivation

So what exactly does it mean to increase motivation? It all comes down to enhancing our capability to take action.

Increasing motivation means that you become increasingly less demotivated and more compelled to act.

People often start tasks with a high level of motivation before it becomes too monotonous or difficult, which causes motivation levels to drop.

But increasing motivation means that you can get back that initial spark.

Increasing motivation can be the result of an increase in intrinsic driving factors or extrinsic factors.

Perhaps you have found a renewed sense of purpose or someone offered you money to complete a task.

Whatever the case, an increase in any type of driving force can take you from demotivation to re-motivation.

How To Increase Self-Motivation (Intrinsic)

The first type of way to increase motivation is to increase your self-motivation. But what is self-motivation?

Self-motivation refers to your internal drive to achieve success or complete a task.

Self-motivation is motivation in the absence of other external factors.It is also largely connected to resilience and remaining motivated even after setbacks.

Being self-motivated results in a sense of fulfillment and inherent satisfaction.

One way to increase self-motivation is to continuously remind yourself of your purpose and passion.

You need to know what you are pursuing and why. If these factors are present, you are more inclined to have an intrinsic drive to complete them.

It can also be helpful to track your progress. This will boost your self-motivation because you will be rewarded for your efforts and hard work.

You can also use positive words and mantras.

What To Do If You're Feeling Down?

Sometimes, self-motivation just won’t cut it. It happens.

You’re feeling down and no number of positive pep talks to yourself will help you to become motivated. This is a natural part of the journey to complete a goal.

If you are feeling down or overwhelmed, try doing one small thing that will bring you closer to your goal. Instead of running 5 miles, try running 1. Or just go for a walk around the block.

Not all days are created equal and you won’t have the same level of self-motivation each day.

So, be gentle with yourself and try to celebrate the small wins.

This will increase your motivation little by little, even in times when you feel down.

Try Something New

You may also find that you become stuck in the same routine and that this may demotivate you. If something becomes arduous, try changing it up a little bit.

Try a new exercise regime or listen to a new podcast while completing a task. You may find that this is enough to lift your spirits just enough to get your goal done.

Try To Focus on Focus

Focus is one of the most important aspects of staying motivated. But, did you know that it can also increase your motivational levels?

It has been found that focusing on your end goal can motivate you more, which in turn, will compel you to action even in times when you lack the motivation to do so.

In addition, the focus will help you maintain this increase in motivation over a longer period of time.

So, if you feel demotivated, focus on the end goal. Ask yourself, what do I want to achieve? What steps do I need to take? Which steps can I take right now?

Oftentimes, we are so distracted that we lose sight of what we are trying to achieve.

Some people also find it helpful to listen to some music or a motivational podcast or video in order to help them retain the level of focus that they need to complete a goal.

Seek Out External Support & Resources (Extrinsic)

Now that you have a grasp of intrinsic driving factors, you may be wondering how to increase your extrinsic motivation.

Extrinsic factors are often out of our control and they may include factors such as praise or approval from our peers or monetary gains such as a pay raise or a higher paycheck.

In these cases, you do not have much control over increasing or decreasing these factors.

But, in some cases, you can use external sources to increase your motivation. One example of this is reading inspirational blogs or watching YouTube videos that focus on inspiring you.

There are so many of these to choose from, but here are our top picks:

  • The Positivity Blog: This blog provides you with inspirational content at the click of a button. It is easy to navigate and provides information on anything from self-love, resilience, and motivation. Be sure to check them out whenever you need that extra push.
  • Pick The Brain: This blog has an entire page dedicated to content that supports motivation. Their aim is to provide content that will inspire others to become more motivated and provide them with the skills to see it through.
  • TEDx Talks: This YouTube channel features a broad spectrum of talks that cover a variety of topics but are inherently geared towards self-improvement and cultivating success. The talks range in length and are led by some of the world’s best and most renowned experts.

What About The “Law of Attraction”?

The Law of Attraction can also be a good method for increasing motivation in your life.

This law assumes that positive thinking attracts positive things and that negative thinking begets negativity.

The Law of Attraction assumes that you can manifest what you want in life by visualizing it and focusing on it.

According to the Law of Attraction, if you focus on motivation and complete one small task, you will become more motivated and attract more things to become motivated about.

The biggest obstacle in this regard also involves the first step of this process which is to remove a motivation block.

Once you overcome what blocks the motivation, you can release motivation into the world and attract more motivation. This will help you avoid demotivation.

It is important to not focus on the feeling of being demotivated because that will attract more demotivation.

If we focus on what we do not have, we get caught in a trap of scarcity and lack which begets more of these factors in our lives.

It is important to rather focus on motivation and being motivated so that you can watch your motivation levels grow.


So, the good news is that motivation is something that you can increase when it is low.

In fact, you can even manifest it out of thin air if you make a conscious effort to attract more motivation in your life.

So, next time you feel demotivated, do not fret too much about it. It may just be a temporary situation until you can get those motivation levels up again.


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