How to Stay Motivated: Practical Tips & Resources

Getting Motivated to Begin With

Sometimes, getting the drive to become motivated is easier said than done.

For this reason, it helps when we understand that motivation can be intrinsic (driven by an internal drive) or extrinsic (driven by external forces).

Knowing the type of motivation you need is the first step to becoming motivated.

Whether you lack intrinsic or extrinsic drive, motivation can be easier to acquire once you engage in task management.

Breaking things up into smaller tasks makes the completion of bigger tasks easier. It is also important to focus on getting into a routine.

This links to the force of habit and once it is engrained, it is easier to become motivated.

It also helps if the task at hand is tailored to your passion and personality.

If you lack the motivation to do something that does not align with your passion, try making it fun.

Put on some of your favorite music or try to find a creative way of making the task more engaging.

This way, the drive to complete the task will come much easier.

In addition, motivation links to our own accountability so find a way to hold yourself accountable and stick to it.

A Guide on How to Stay Motivated

Okay, so you’re motivated. Now what? The trick is to stay motivated. But what does it mean to stay motivated? And how long do you need to stay motivated?

Staying motivated means that you continuously commit to completing a task. It means that you do not have to summon motivation all over again each time you attempt to complete it.

It means staying consistent in your commitment to completing a task.

To stay motivated means that you are continuously progressing and that you are keeping the intrinsic or extrinsic drive to do a task alive.

In this regard, it also means that you are continuously focused on your task and committed to your ability to complete it.

Retaining focus is a key component of staying motivated. Focus allows you to have a clear vision, which is an essential ingredient to staying motivated.

Without a clear vision, the path to the goal is uncertain and it is much more difficult to remain motivated in the long run.

Think of it as a marathon. If you get tired, you keep visualizing the endpoint and that is what keeps you motivated to complete the race.

But, if you have no end goal in sight, you might run for a few minutes before giving up since you have no clear endpoint to work towards.

Practical Tips & Resources for Motivation

5 Tips to Stay Motivated

#1 Create A Plan and Stick With It

One of the key tools you can use to remain motivated is to create a plan that guarantees success.

Break up your goal into smaller tasks and have a specific timeline.

This will ensure that you remain accountable. It is also a great way to track your progress, which will keep you motivated along the way as well.

#2 Keep The End Goal In Mind

Knowing your “why” is a key factor in achieving your end goal.

This is what drags you out of your slump and into a course of action.

Knowing “why” you are motivated to do something can be a powerful intrinsic force that drives you toward actions.

#3 Keep It Interesting

It can be monotonous to do the same thing over and over again to achieve a goal. This is why experts recommend that you change it up every now and again.

Switch up your workout or change your working environment every now and again to keep things interesting.

This will ensure that boredom and repetition do not steal your motivation.

#4 Harness Your Passion and Focus

Experts have mentioned that focus is a very important factor when it comes to staying motivated. But, passion is also key to success.

Ensure that your goal is aligned with what you want to achieve in life.

And if the goal is not aligned with your passion find a way to better align it with your personality.

#5 Visualize Your Success

Visualization is also a very powerful tool for remaining motivated.

When you feel like you are starting to lose focus or motivation, keep visualizing your success. Be detailed and visualize how good it will feel when you reach the end goal.

You can tune into the emotions you felt at a time when you did achieve success in your life.

This will keep you positive and on track.

External Resources

If none of these above factors can get you out of your motivation slump, try checking out these resources for staying motivated.

This website features a comprehensive blog with tips, advice, and quotes that can remind you to stay motivated and uplift your spirits.

This is a YouTube channel that features some of the most influential thinkers of our time and provides you with research-backed advice on staying motivated.

This YouTube channel features the inspirational stories of many influential figures, from sportsmen to actors, as they recount their stories of motivation and resilience.

Why Do We Often “Lose Motivation”?

Sometimes, you just can’t get back the motivation you once had. And this is normal and okay.

But, it can help to understand why we lose motivation sometimes.

Reasons For Motivation Lost

High Expectations

Sometimes the goal is just too big.

Or you have unrealistic expectations of yourself. Instead of saying you want to play at Wimbledon or compete in the Olympics, try and start with a local marathon or join your local gym.

When you have unrealistic expectations, it can be impossible to meet them, which in turn, undermines your ability to remain motivated.

Dependence on Extrinsic Factors

It is important to ensure that there is some sort of intrinsic drive to complete a task.

Sometimes, people are too motivated by extrinsic factors such as approval from others or money.

While these are important driving factors, their effects are often temporary and it can be hard to remain motivated without having an intrinsic drive.


When working towards a bigger goal, it is important to remember that things take time. Be patient with yourself.

Consistency and commitment are key to achieving permanent change and these factors take time.

Don’t be so hard on yourself if you don’t lose ten pounds in a month or get that promotion within a year.

Remember, the best things in life takes time.

How To “Regain” Motivation

So, you have hit a bump in the road. You feel like you have failed. Or perhaps you feel like there is no way forward.

Here are some tips for regaining your motivation so that you can get back on the horse.

Connect With Your Purpose

Remember why you started working towards your goals in the first place. Connect to your purpose and passion and align your goals to this.

Connect To A Memory

Reflect on a time when you set out to achieve something and conquered your goal. How did this make you feel? Don’t you want that feeling back again?

Use this as a driving force for taking action.

Do Something, Anything

If the task feels too big to accomplish, try starting with small steps first. If you need to sort out your closet, start with one section at a time.

Want to repaint the house? Start with the bathroom and then take it one room at a time.

Achieving small tasks will keep you motivated to complete the bigger task.

Think Positively

Do away with negative self-talk. Think positively. Use mantras to keep you motivated. Write motivational phrases on your mirror or keep them next to your bed. Whenever demotivation hits, read these motivational phrases to keep your spirits up.

Accept It Might Be Time To Move On

Sometimes, you have tried everything, and you are exhausted from trying to achieve something. It is important to realize that every person is unique.

Some people will never see Wimbledon and others will never be Beethoven. And that is okay.

It is okay to accept that you won’t be able to remain motivated on a certain path. Just take a deep breath and change course. A change is as good as a holiday.


By now, you should realize that staying motivated may be harder than getting motivated in the first place. And losing motivation can be caused by a variety of things.

The important thing is to realize what has caused you to lose motivation and to get back on the horse as soon as possible.

Remember, most things can be achieved with a series of small steps in the right direction.


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