Life A Mess? Here’s The Miracle Solution To Never Live In Darkness Again! With Chris Reck & Lucie Q

Episode Summary: In today’s episode, Lucie Q of The Roller Coaster Podcast, joins us to talk about podcasting, journaling, and building an online community.  Lucy is a wife, mom, podcaster and Journaling Mentor who discovered her purpose after “one dark day” that propelled her to start her journaling process and find her purpose helping midlife […]

In today’s episode, YouTuber and astrologer David Lawrence Palmer, AKA The Leo King, joins us to talk about his own journey as well as navigating the current reality with astrology and tarot. Known as a famous celebrity astrologer, David has been making waves in the media with being a media spiritual influencer. Having been on […]

In today’s episode, Host of the Just Go F Yourself Podcast, Lisa Moler, joins us to talk about forgiveness. Lisa Moler is an entrepreneur and the founder of her own ever-expanding media company with four industry-leading dental publications. Additionally, her company also possesses strategic investments in the fields of obstructive sleep apnea, dental sleep, stem cell therapy, […]

Welcome to the first episode of the Chris Reck Podcast! We’re starting off strong with one of Chris’ personal inspirations: Kyle Cease. Kyle Cease is a Transformation Comedian with two #1 Comedy Central specials and a New York Times, USA, and Wall Street Journal Best Seller. Kyle has personally coached over 15,000 people, and his […]