From Deaths Door in 20’s To Unstoppable Entrepreneur! Chris Reck With Lisa Moler

In today's episode, Host of the Just Go F Yourself Podcast, Lisa Moler, joins us to talk about forgiveness. Lisa Moler is an entrepreneur and the founder of her own ever-expanding media company with four industry-leading dental publications. Additionally, her company also possesses strategic investments in the fields of obstructive sleep apnea, dental sleep, stem cell therapy, and regenerative medicine.

Listen in to hear about how Lisa rebuilt her life from nothin rock bottom, her journey with forgiveness, the importance of living in the present, getting into microdosing, developments in the Metaverse, and tuning into your spiritual side.

Segment Timestamps:

  • [00:11] Introducing Lisa.
  • [05:02] Lisa’s story of forgiveness.
  • [12:07] Just making the choice.
  • [12:47] Just Go F Yourself.
  • [15:32] Gaining gold from situations.
  • [16:53] What does forgiveness look like?
  • [19:45] The thing that Lisa is most proud of.
  • [26:17] Having balance and living in the present.
  • [31:23] Starting a podcast.
  • [40:32] Microdosing.
  • [50:15] Tuning in to your spiritual side.
  • [52:51] The goal of this podcast.
  • [55:31] Should you sacrifice your life for someone else?

Notable Quotes:

  • “If we’re not moving forward, we’re dying.”
  • “We’re all human. We need to let ourselves off the hook.”
  • “Live more in the present and enjoy things more.”
  • “Don’t quit.”
  • “Everyone poops.”
  • “I wish you well, just well away from me.”

To learn more, follow Lisa at:
Instagram: @reallisamoler


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