How Good Can Life Get? Kyle Cease With Chris Reck

Welcome to the first episode of the Chris Reck Podcast! We’re starting off strong with one of Chris' personal inspirations: Kyle Cease.

Kyle Cease is a Transformation Comedian with two #1 Comedy Central specials and a New York Times, USA, and Wall Street Journal Best Seller.

Kyle has personally coached over 15,000 people, and his videos have over 60 million views on YouTube. He has over 100 TV appearances under his belt, including the Late Late Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live. He now spends his time speaking worldwide and coaching people on learning to evolve out loud.

Kyle and I cover the topics of expansion, reframing childhood wounds, being present in the Now, moving beyond money, and much more.

This episode reminds us to consider in our own lives how some situations may be showing us where the resistance is. We can examine the illusion that we may be believing, which is often connected to a place inside that we haven’t accepted yet. When we find acceptance, the problem leaves.

We explore how people can put an “I” on the things that are limiting us (for example, “I am a procrastinator”) – We know that if that issue went away, our existence would still be here, so it’s not really part of who we are. And once we recognize that we’re not our limitations, they can dissolve more easily.

Kyle gives us insight on expanding out of the illusion of the smallness, instead of using the smallness as our motivation to success (which keeps our success connected to that issue, therefore keeping the unhealed issue present).

We also talk about the true laws of nature (that you’re an always-expanding being, that you’re always enough and have no lack, etc.) and how they help us understand our souls.

[0:00] Greetings, Introductions, and Kyle’s Evolution from Acting and Comedy to Transformation and Speaking

[3:33] When Your Expansion is Expanding

[6:43] Staying in The Now

[8:17] Happiness Beyond Circumstance

[12:45] The Ego and The Childhood

[18:40] The Releasing of Past Patterns

[20:01] Into the Underworld (see: the past few years), and How The World Mirrors Us

[25:32] Dark Things Can’t Operate in the Light

[30:25] Taking the Training Wheels Off and Living Bigger, Holistically

[35:03] Lessons and Insights from Leaving Comedy

[40:21] How Good Can it Get

[43:18] Why Some are Scared to Free Themselves

[50:26] Wrap-up, and Gratitude

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