Life A Mess? Here’s The Miracle Solution To Never Live In Darkness Again! With Chris Reck & Lucie Q

Episode Summary:

In today's episode, Lucie Q of The Roller Coaster Podcast, joins us to talk about podcasting, journaling, and building an online community.  Lucy is a wife, mom, podcaster and Journaling Mentor who discovered her purpose after “one dark day” that propelled her to start her journaling process and find her purpose helping midlife women.   

Listen in to hear about that “one dark day,” how Lucie got started journaling and podcasting, her specific journaling process, navigating growth through discomfort, discovering her purpose, her guided journal called Your Journaling Journey, and where she is going with future offerings for midlife women that include a podcast summit, a handbook, and an online community full of resources and sharing called Connect Your Growth.

Golden Nuggets:

  1. Turn your MESS into your MESSAGE:
    • Your PURPOSE Is To Create What You Would Have Needed Years Ago.
    • Often our darkest days give rise to our purpose.  We can help others by thinking back to what we would have needed when we were going through a hard time and giving that to others who are in similar situations. 
  2.  Journaling is LIFE CHANGING:
    • It allows you to gradually become a witness to your life, notice when the inner critic comes up, and decide not to follow what it says, but listen and act on your true inner voice and intuition. 
    • You can use Lucie’s book Your Journaling Journey, which includes inspirational tips on starting a morning routine, using gratitude and affirmations based on becoming your ideal future self, and daily writing prompts. 
    • Embrace who you are and where you are with compassion
    • Don’t compare yourself with others – accept yourself and be perfectly okay with who and where you are on your journey.
    • There are enough people trying to copy what others are doing, so don’t be afraid to step out and try something unique. 

00:00 Intro | Lucie Q | @The Roller Coaster Podcast 

00:55 How Did You Get Started Podcasting?

  • Rented equipment and had people come to her house for the first 10-15 episodes
  • Switched over to meeting over Zoom for easier coordination. 
  • Produced 12 episodes per week during Covid.  Being able to connect with the world through podcasting while being locked down kept her sane. 

05:13 Embrace Who You Are & Where You Are with Compassion

  • Don’t compare yourself with others – accept yourself and be perfectly okay with who and where you are on your journey.  

06:17 Turn Your Mess into Your Message

06:55 ONE Really BAD Day

07:37 Reflection: If I Don't Want To Be THIS Person, Then Who Do I Want To Be?

  • Out of her dark moment, in a decision to surrender and keep going, she wrote down 5 bullet points of the qualities of her future self.  

08:04 A Daily Practice Was Born

  • Each day writing out those 5 bullet points, plus a gratitude passage that she wrote herself.  

08:33 Affirmations, Why & Power Statements

  • Over time, the bullet points developed into affirmations and she added her “why.”  The practice turned into more of a power statement.

08:45 “My Darkest Day Was Actually My Greatest Gift”

09:05 Comfortable with Change

  • As a taurus, she wasn’t naturally adaptable to change, but realized that in order to grow she needed to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.  

09:40 Growth Happens In This Zone

  • Once she was okay with being uncomfortable, opportunities started to open up. 
  • Her dad once told her, “I don’t know what, but you’re going to do something big.”  It was a burden she carried for many years, because she doesn’t consider herself to be special.  She doesn’t have it all together.  
  • Despite doing “cool things” over the years, something was missing because she hadn’t taken the time to figure out who she was and wasn’t connected to her purpose. 

12:31 Your PURPOSE Is To Create What You Would Have Needed Years Ago

  • When she is recording a podcast, she thinks about who she was 5 years ago, how she felt on that darkest day,  and what she would have needed to help her then.  
  • It doesn’t make a difference if you are midlife or not.  If you listen to her podcast chances are you will find something you can resonate with. 
  • She prefers a conversational style for her podcast, but still does some prep work and asks questions based on where she is now or where she was 5 years ago. 

16:38 Guided Journal “Your Journaling Journey”

  • Each day has a few tools to help you get connected:  gratitude, affirmations, and a prompt.
  • She also includes more details about her own journaling story. There are also sections offering tools for your morning routine as well as evaluating where you are and what you need to work on in your life.  
  • After 30 days of prompted journaling, you will be ready to flow on your own. 

17:42 Why Journaling/Scripting Changed My Life the Most (and probably the Quickest)

18:50 Train your Mind To Get Rid of the Inner Critic (the itty bitty $hitty Committee)

  • “Vomiting on the page” and just letting yourself write it all out allows you to take more of a witness perspective over time.  Then you are able to notice when the negative critic pops up and decide that you no longer need it. You can move forward and start trusting your inner voice and intuition.  

20:18 Fireside Chats for Women (mid-life mom's are celebrated)

  • Hosted within her community on Mighty Networks, a platform created by a woman. 
  • Fireside chats are about sharing “where we’re at and what we’ve been through as women.”

21:12 More About the Community “Connect Your Growth”

  • The Connect Your Growth community will include journaling themes, extended podcast interviews, an online course showing her journaling process to help others bring their journaling practice “to another level.” 
  • It’s about group learning and sharing on a variety of topics relevant to moms in mid-life:  health care, caregiving for parents and kids at the same time.  
  • Connecting, sharing resources, hopes and dreams, and venting frustrations.  

24:00 The Podcast Summit

  • The Podcast Summit is going to start off as one group podcast with 5 women who are doctors or coaches where they will take turns sharing their midlife stories.  
  • Then, she’ll have an individual podcast with each woman.  There will be giveaways and freebies.  
  • The Midlife Handbook:  an ebook taking the transcripts from each of the episodes and compiling them into a handbook for midlife.  

25:23 Reach out to Lucie Q to collaborate on The Podcast Summit

26:00 Idea Sex (mixing two ideas together). Work Smarter NOT Harder.

  • An idea James Altucher talks about.  
  • How do you take what you’re already doing and turn it into something else?
  • Don’t be afraid to do something different and be unique, even if it means taking some arrows in the back. 
  • Quieting the busy brain:  at night, using a CBD roll-on helps, but also just accepting being a person who has a lot of creative ideas that wake you up in the middle of the night and writing them down.  Surrender, because the universe might be trying to download a message to you. 

30:00 Final Thoughts & Biggest Message – Be Okay With Being Different. There's Only 1 YOU.

  • She loves connecting, so never hesitate to send an email or a dm! 

Notable Quotes:

  • “It’s so easy to compare who we are with who they are.  We’re comparing ourselves, but you don’t have the whole story and we’re all on our unique journeys and that’s the most beautiful thing is where you can accept who you are and where you are in your journey and be perfectly okay with that.”
  • “At the time I thought it was my darkest day, but what journaling and my journaling practice has given me is that I can now look back and see that my darkest day was actually my greatest gift.” 
  • “You have to get comfortable being uncomfortable, because it's once we step out of that comfort zone that growth happens.”
  • “I'm coming at it from either where I am now or the person that I was five years ago.  What does that person need to know?  How can I share part of my journey and my story so that people can relate and go, okay I'm not the only one.” 
  • “[Through Journaling] you can move to that point where that [inner critic]  has protected you this far for good, bad or ugly, it's been there, but now you can move forward and start trusting your own inner voice in your intuition.” 
  • “A lot of women are also caught in what they call “the sandwich generation.” We're seeing our kids off to college, while on the other hand we're taking care of aging parents. We're being pulled in all sorts of different directions and women  just need to have that place where we can connect; share our hopes and dreams.”
  • “You just have to take that chance and,you know, not look at what everyone else is doing and try something completely, completely different.”
  • “Sometimes you just have to accept it though, right, like if that's who I am and sometimes I come up with a really cool idea at two in the morning.”

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