How 1 yellow pad can change your life forever?

This is the story of how a simple yellow legal pad changed my life and can dramatically change your life in 30 days or less.

In under 30 minutes per day

Total cost about $1 (the cost of 1 legal pad and 1 pen)

With results that will excite you and motivate you to go through 100’s of yellow pads like I have.


I am not the best speller nor do I have a grammar bone … (Example to come)

So if you are like me and hate to write it doesn't matter trust me this is a fun process you will love that produces results fast .

How it Started

In 2017 I was stuck! My YouTube channel I had been working on for years was stuck at around 30k subscribers and I knew I was capable of so much more.

It wasn’t that I wasn't working hard or focusing. It was that I was focusing on the wrong things.

I decided I had to make a change and that is when I discovered scripting. Before this time I knew about scripting and affirmations, but had only ever written out affirmations.

The problem was a lack of consistency. I wouldn’t keep up with my affirmations, and wouldn’t write them everyday. I needed something more fun that could hold my attention.

When I discovered scripting it was like a switch flipped. I had fun writing and imagining how I wanted my life to go. I had fun feeling like I already had the things I wanted.

Soon after I started scripting, miracles started to happen. At first I just started to feel better every single day. This motivated me to work harder.

I started being drawn to information that helped me learn how to grow a channel in the right way. I also started to become more confident.

I believe it's because I attracted the right information that works for me.

This was all well and good but I still wasn't seeing the results many claim from scripting.

This Challenge will help you attract the information that will work for YOU.

The Real Reason Scripting and Affirmations Work (is it the RAS factor?)

I am going to give you two explanations:

The first is magic 😂

Not the pulling a rabbit out of a hat magic… but  there is a theory that everything in the universe is made up of vibrations. As you script and write your affirmations, you are putting vibrations into the universe.

The universe responds by placing people, places and things in your path to guide you to your desires.

The world needs a little more magic so if this is part of why you believe scripting works (and I do believe it is part of it) then I fully support you.

The universe also responds to our focus and this leads us to the RAS.

The not magic part…

RAS or reticular activating system.

I am no neurologist or brain expert but I once had it explained to me like this. The RAS is a bundle of nerves that filters the information that enters your brain.

Imagine it like an email filter. Some emails go to spam, your inbox, or other folders.

By scripting or writing affirmations we take important information that may bring us closer to our goals and we bring it right to the most important part of our brain.

I am sure you have all heard the story about buying a car? When you buy a certain car all of a sudden you start seeing that car all over the place.

This is the RAS in action.

With scripting our life story as we want it we start to focus on what is important.

We notice the opportunities we normally miss that bring us closer to our goals.

Write A New Chapter

Scripting is a tool that you can add to your tool belt. I use it all the time but it can be a tool that you use whenever you want to change your story. I like to control my story 100% of the time so I continue to script daily.

Whenever you want to change, follow the steps below.

Here's the Insanely Simple Life Changing Formula

I need you to make me one promise. This is so simple you probably won't even try it. Prove me wrong! Do the below for at least 30 days and I promise it will start to change your life.

  1. Yellow pad and a pen. YES A PEN. I know your teacher may have had you writing in pencil but we don't want to go backwards with this exercise. If you write something down it wasn't a mistake. It is something you need to look at if you want to cross it out or erase it.
  2. Pick an Affirmation, pick an affirmation and write it out at least 10 times. I always use “I am excited and grateful to [insert goal or desire here]” . There are plenty of affirmations to choose from. What you will find is it gets easier to write affirmations. I frequently write out 3 – 5 affirmations per day 10 times each. Once you see them work you will be excited to write more.
  3. Write Your Story Spend at least 10 minutes writing out your story as you want it to be. Some days I write about every little aspect of my life. Other days I may write about a specific result that I want. Some Days I write 1 page and others I write 12.You want this to be an easy process and you want it to feel good. You should write in as much detail as you possibly can. Include how things taste, touch and feel.
  4. Bonus tip 1! Write about things that you KNOW you are going to accomplish. Could be small things like drinking coffee or taking a shower.
  5. Supercharged Bonus Tip 2!! FEEL it as much as possible. Getting into a heightened state will supercharge your manifesting. I like to write when I am in the best mood possible. I write after I have listened to or watched something that motivates me.
  6. Supercharged Bonus Tip 3!!! Start a collection TODAY of Videos, images, songs ect that make you feel good. I have a notepad dedicated to these things so I can always get into the mood to write. I get my vibe up as high as possible when I sit to write. Time doesn't matter to me. I recommend paying attention to when you feel good. If I feel good in the morning I write. If it is night I write. If I am feeling extra good I write twice a day. There are times I go weeks writing twice a day and sometimes months 1 time per day.
  7. Promise yourself to do this for 30 days.

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Is 30 Days Enough?

I am calling this a 30 day challenge because I know if you just get started you wont stop after 30 days.

The thing is I tried scripting and affirmations in the past and would always stop after a few days or weeks.

Then I would manifest a step or a result.

The problem is I was stopping the momentum I had created.

I urge you to keep going after 30 days. This way you build momentum for the life you are trying to create. What You will notice is that you will manifest steps. Once you follow these steps you will manifest your desire.

We are also human and our desires change. THATS OK!

Its ok to write about something for 30 or more days then decide you don't want it. This is a refining process.

You may be thinking “Wow what a waste of time” ?

But if you choose to do nothing your life will stay the same. If you choose to refine your life through writing out your story it may take longer than 30 days but you will eventually get there.

One of my favorite people of all time Brian Tracy used to say “in 5 years it will be 5 years anyway”. Meaning if it takes 5 years start working on it now! DON'T WAIT. The 5 years will pass anyway.

The beautiful thing is it's not going to take 5 years.

Your Process of Discovery

This is a refining process as I said earlier. You can start the process by writing about how you want to start a business selling products made with coconut oil so you can afford your own island.

Through this process you manifest a trip to a coconut island.

You then decide you don't like coconuts or hermit crabs.

You can change!

This is a process of discovery and starting now allows you to change.

You never know how this may lead to discovering your true passion to create products with olive oil instead.

This is a ridiculous example. But my point has been made.

You will script about things you think you want only to discover you want something else. Imagine how exciting your life will be and how many exciting experiences this will open you up to.

Imagine accomplishing more in the next 30 days than you have in the last 3 years. Of course it will require effort but this is work that you will feel inspired to do not forced to do.

Most people can only dream about living a life like this. Scripting is a process that makes it easy.

This is living on purpose.

Living On Purpose

Scripting is a practice that allows you to live on purpose. You will take control over your destiny and start living the life you have always wanted to live.

It will help you to discover things about yourself that you didn't even know existed.

When you live on purpose life no longer happens to you. You become the acting force and take control of your own destiny.

There Is A Much Better Way

There is a better way to script that leads to better, more consistent, and longer term results.

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How much time do I invest? Do I need to do this longer than 30 days?

I think any amount of time is better than no time. Having said that this is a daily practice I believe you will want to continue. You will especially want to continue it if you give the process the full 30 days and give it about 30 minutes a day. I know I know I am just as big of a bachelor fan as you but I promise this guy can wait 30 days.

Is this magic?


Can you guarantee results?

Of course not but I can promise that if nothing else following the 7 simple steps above will have a positive effect on your life.

Do I have to follow the schedule?

No you do not.

If you choose to start on a Tuesday or the weekend that is fine. The course itself follows a schedule but feel free to follow at your own pace. You will also have access to the course forever. I suggest that you go back and follow the prompts as you please.